Saying Yes, Spero meliora

Being an introvert, with some degree of social anxiety, means saying yes to things can sometimes be difficult. I’ve gotten better recently, but I used to say no to everything. Partly out of fear of failure, low self confidence or simply wanting to be alone, but I’m working on it. And to me, the only […]

My Bucket List: Colour runs, Theatre and books.

I want to see Wicked in theatre. I mean, I want to see everything, but particularly wicked I want to go to Rome. I’ve always loved the idea of living there, and after watching ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ I’m so excited by the idea. I would be surrounded by ice cream and pizza, how can that […]

Theatre commandments!

This is inspired by one of my all time favourite tumblr pages, (have a ‘lil google, tis great), and I thought I’d write some of my own. I’ve always loved theatre and I’ve studied it for a year now, and these are just a few things I’ve learnt along the way… 1) THOU SHALT NOT […]