Breast Battles… (Maybe?)

Hello! After not writing for ages (exams, yada yada) this feels very strange and foreign. But Exciting! YAY FOR BLOGGING! Anyway, the post title may have caught your attention a little, and to be honest I don’t really blame you. Boobs and all things breast related are somewhat treated as taboo, we’re not to go near the subject. Which is bad. I think we need to acknowledge these things, and spread as much body positivity as possible. I have (objectively) quite a large pair for my age, in comparison to my friends, anyway. I’m not sure why, but I want to discuss this and feel comfortable talking about it. I’m very conflicted between being a happy, curvy lady and feeling utterly self conscious and wanting to wrap myself in a blanket. The struggle is real. I might make this a little series and stuff, but for today I’ll tell you some of my boob woes. Lol.

1) Running. Jesus, it’s like having two melons hanging from your neck! As you can guess, rather uncomfortable.

2) This brings me on to my next point, boob holders! AKA bras. The bigger they are, the less cute, and the more expensive. Grrrr… Also, the under wire of mine always tends to stick out, thus stabbing me for the day. Regular sports bras are useless, you may as well being using cling film…

3) The uni-boob. This is particularly noticeable when wearing jumpers and baggy clothes. On me, I lose all definition and look like a sausage fresh out of the oven, wrapped in some Yorkshire pud. Damn.

4) Yet, when it’s summer and I should be stripping off the layers, I can’t help but be very, very aware of myself.

5) This is largely due to cat callers. I mean, do they expect people to turn around and swoon after them? A friend and I, Nicole, have developed a system to deal with this. We turn round, thrust our chins back (creating about 20 more) and pull the ugliest face possible. It annoys me that we even have had to formulate this technique, but it gets the job done.

6) Being a hermit. You know some tall people that hunch over? Well, they’re making up for not being the “normal size”. They get looked at enough already, so they try to minimize their size. WE DO THAT TOO! Or at least I do haha. I’m always saying to myself “c’mon, be confident, shoulders back!” While I want to be, I actually tend to look more the a hunchback, trying to hide my self. If I stand tall, I feel like I’m “putting it about”. Which is the most silly thing.

7) Usually, I’d be a size 10-12. Averagely in the middle, nothing here nor there, really. Well, that would be the case, except my chest means I actually have to wear some clothes up to a size 16! Which generally results in a feeling of frumpiness and never ever wanting to look in a mirror again. EVER.

These are just a couple of the things I could think of, but I would like to point out (scream at you really), THIS IS NOT ALL. BREASTS ARE GREAT AND WE SHOULD ALL BE VERY PROUD OF WHATEVER BODY SHAPE WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN. Also, there are plenty of great things about being a little larger, which I shall also write about, and hopefully I can keep up the discussion a little.

Let me know your thoughts 🙂 (Yes, both male and female welcome! Heck, whatever gender you want to be, don’t let me define you! As long as you are respectful, not creepy and considerate! I think it’s interesting to have different perspectives on issues)




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