Glasses problems…


I recently got glasses, and I’m not going to lie, I’m feeling a little mixed about it.


-Glorious glasses selfies… Ah the benefits of non reflective glasses…

-Better vision. I’d just like to point out that I thought to put selfies before better eyesight…

-Being able to insult people when pushing them up onto your nose with the middle finger. Ha. (only joking) (sorta)

-I’ve found people look at my frames rather than in to my eyes when talking to me, and I love that. A, I have a little phobia of eyes and the less I have to look at them the better, and B, NO AWKWARD EYE CONTACT! HUZZAH!


-My nose has been bloomin’ tingling ever since I’ve gotten them and I really feel like I should be in bewitched…

-When I don’t have them on I LITERALLY see the frames on my face! I mean great, slightly better eyesight, but less of theĀ hallucinations please

-Looking like the Princess from the Princess diary before her transformation when I leave my hair naturally…

-Laying down watching Netflix is IMPOSSIBLE. Netflix = life which means that glasses = making life impossible. I can feel your judging… I got a C in maths… please stop



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