Thoughts on make up…

Most of us, at some point, will end up wearing make-up. Whether it’s because you’re a thespian like me and have to wear it under stage lights, or your girlfriend/sister is pestering you to put mascara on because “BAAABE, your lashes are SO good though!” Or perhaps you just want to for the heck of it, let’s not be too gender stereotypical… Anyway, I’ve always thought it somewhat of a weird thing to do. Why is it (as a species) we feel the need to smear things on our face in an attempt to be perceived (or feel) more attractive? WHY IS A LONGER EYELASH “ATTRACTIVE”?! I constantly ask my self this, but then shrug, sigh because of societal expectations and then continue to swirl on some blush.

I wear make up for several reasons. One, being I like it. I think it’s interesting to try new things and I was having a discussion the other day about black lipstick. Cool! Another reason being, because I’m used to it. Its my comfort zone, and I’m one of those creatures that doesn’t like being pushed out of it too often. I’ll be honest, this is my main reason. It’s like anything thought, the more you do it, the more comfortable you will be with it. Therefore, becoming more comfortable with my “make up face” = being equally as uncomfortable being make up free. Interesting.

Going back to my opening paragraph, about the concept of applying it “strange”, isn’t it weird that I feel like I have to do it because I feel uncomfortable with my face, but also uncomfortable at the thought that I’m applying make up. I once watched a Youtube video about weight and body image by ‘JustKissMyFrog’, and she said: “I’m too clever to be the thin person, but I’m also too clever to be the fat person.” This resonated with me, and as much as I hate myself for thinking it, I do. In relation to make up, I feel like I’m too ‘clever’ to be one of the girls who pile on their make-up and get shamed because of this, but I also feel too clever to be the make up free girl who gets told she looks “tired” all the time.

The resolution to this (to me) seems simple. STOP COMMENTING ON OTHER PEOPLES MAKE UP! We’re all guilty of this, and we do it because we’re conditioned to. Every advertisement, T.V programme, celebrity is constantly promoting this. This creates a standard that typically most women feel like they have to adhere to. Not too much or you might look “dumb” or “undesirable”. Not too little or people won’t be attracted to you and you look “tired”/”like a child.” Gah.

I’m not sure I can properly articulate all of my thoughts on this in a completely coherent way, but I think I may have got a few of them down there. I’d love to know other people’s thoughts on this, as it’s a subject that interests me a great deal.

(The cover image of this is of a glorious friend of mine, and one of the only pictures I have of us both not wearing make up!)


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