To my 11 year old self

While I’m only sixteen now,

I think I’ve learned some stuff,

From boys to books and make up looks,

so listen close you little scruff,

High school is only for a while,

Not an eternal hell,

So do your work, tuck in your shirt,

and it will be well worth your while,

Your frizzy hair and “boyish” looks,

admittedly, made quite the stir,

and there’s this awful, awful, photograph which I’m still tying to blur…

but just hang tight and read some books,

god knows they’re more important that your insignificant looks…

You’re far to young to worry about boys,

Mitchell really isn’t all that…

stop bribing him to play Facebook games,

you’re awful at crazy cabs,

Being friends with the “populars”,  is harder than it looks,

they’re all pregnant,

69p foundations, no aspirations,

hanging on to their every words like a fish to a hook,

Stop trying to be hermione granger,

we both know it’s all a joke,

but in a few years you’ll see the light,

and find some musical folk,

I wish you’d started piano when you said you’d wanted to,

now we’re quite behind,

but I know it’s what you want to do,

It’s been quite the learning curve, many mistakes at best

but if it weren’t for them we wouldn’t be here,

and it’s great – you’d never have guessed.

We’re doing good and singing lots

I hope that you are too

Love  from me at age sixteen,

I’m here, thanks to you.


I’m on the left. I couldn’t find a picture of me in year 7, but this is either year 8 or 9 I reckon!



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