Beaches and Kent

Recently, my family and I went on a little break to Kent. Exam season is coming up, so this little break was lovely. To be honest, we saw nothing less than spectacular sunsets, as shown below. This was on the last night, where we went to see the “laughing legends.” Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of that, but if I did you would have seen Yoda hip thrusting with one of the Men in Black. Brilliant.
image1Also, we went swimming. This was… eventful, to say the least. There were three life guards there, roughly 20 year old males, and I couldn’t help but feel slightly uncomfortable in my bathing suit. A part of me felt like they may have had ulterior motives… This was somewhat confirmed when they began shooting us with these freezing water pistols! Admittedly, it was all fun and games at the start, but this went on for over an hour and it was just like alright lads, go back to your desk aye? Anyway, they were so infuriating, that we splashed back and bloomin’ SOAKED one of them. It was so great, because they thought they were fricking invincible with their 99p store gun. Anyway, when we tried to get out of the pool one of the guards literally grabbed me and tried to “playfully” push me back in! Not only is this extremely dangerous but a little intimidating, when you’re only 16 and dressed in a skimpy bathing suit. Not cool. Subsequently, I pushed him back, and he very very nearly fell in. I could have, but I thought: “no, be the bigger person, chill gurl CHILL”.


On another day we went to the Museum and Art gallery, so cool! There were loads of war medals and there was even a diary from a soldier who fought in Dunkirk! (Shout out to my history buffs!) The mummy pictured above was 2,500 years old, and called Ta-Kesh. So friggen creepy. But cool. Damn I’m so conflicted.image6When you’re near the coast, a beach day is a must. There’s something so soothing about hunting for shells and just staring out into the void of sparkling water. I love it. It was so cutesy and had little fortune tellers and ice cream parlours. SO CUTE.



And thus concludes my trip to Kent. It was short, but so sweet. I felt like I had literally walked right in to the Shire from The Hobbit. So many tiny winding roads and little beach houses. It was truly lovely. Maybe minus the smell on manure wafting occasionally from the local farms, haha.



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