Silly intros

Recently, I read a book which discuses why introductions are completely and utterly useless. I agree. Therefore, its seems only logical that I should have to write one. But really, what’s the point? I feel like I’m writing just to showcase the fact that I can type without being perpetually illiterate. That’s another thing! If you’ll be kind enough to continue reading, you’ll probably come across an abundance of spelling errors. I’M SORRY. REALLY, TRULY SORRY. As hard as I try, spell check is still my best friend… Personally, I think I’m perhaps slightly dyslexic, but my school refuses to test me because “I don’t look dyslexic.”…

…ANYWAY. I’ll write some things on here, and you can read them if you like. Unless this blog is a failure like the other 12 I’ve owned previously… Either way:)



(I took this at multiple traffic lights once, and it looks rather cool. It’s quite representative towards how I’m feeling about starting this blog. Anxious, but going none the less!)


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